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Switched on leaders tell real stories. Stories of inspiring and worthwhile visions. Stories that encourage and challenge (and frighten a little). These leaders deserve following.

Kevin Light

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Angela Light

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"Kevin has spent his whole career in the pursuit of human development. He has a real heart for people and for helping them to live a more authentic life. He is someone who is comfortable with discomfort and does not live life in a safety net. These are qualities which define him as a leader and informs his view of leadership development.

Kevin has a way of getting to the specifics of each leader's success. He is very comfortable giving honest and frequent feedback and holding leaders accountable for their behaviour. All of these qualities are what makes his contribution to this overtraded field unique and value adding.

I have seen Kevin’s interventions have a significant impact on team performance and his coaching, in particular, has had a lasting influence on the individuals concerned.

It is for these reasons, that I confidently recommend Kevin Light"

Paul Norman

Paul Norman

Group Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of Exec Committee, MTN Group Limited

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