Successful leaders develop strategic thinking skills across their entire organisation

Leaders face many strategic and financial challenges which require an understanding of multiple business realities, cross-functional teamwork and specific thinking skills. However, all too often our understanding is limited by functional perspectives. Thinking habits and team silos inhibit joined-up effort.

Our simulated "mini-MBA" provides the strategic advantage of understanding how everyday choices and actions affect whole business success

Switch on your business acumen ...

Interplay™ is a one to two-day fast-paced board-based simulation which:

  • Develops strategic thinking skills
  • Improves cross-functional collaboration
  • Deepens understanding of how decisions impact overall results


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"Kevin’s sensible and strategic mind, combined with his independence, is a key value proposition when you need clarity to do better business - whether it be formulating strategy, adding value or improving performance. He also has a strong ability to navigate troubled waters.

He has done this for me and my leadership skills in various business challenges. He changed how I thought about being a leader.

He has a confident perspective that has been informed by years of working with people. He understands them and how to get the best from them.

Leaders often don't think they need another person's help, but great ones seek Kevin's nonetheless ... and then wonder how they ever survived without him!"

Andrew Mobbs

Andrew Mobbs

Entrepreneur: The Hatchery; Beanstalk Investments; Sensational Kids

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