Influential leaders have a deep understanding of themselves and their impact on others

How you carry yourself as a senior leader directly impacts your people and business. As a leadership team your dynamics determine organisational culture. But our strengths and weaknesses cause blind spots. These make it harder to manage ourselves and collaborate smoothly with others.

Our profiles and feedback instruments enable self-understanding for individuals and top-teams and provide practical ways to influence others more skillfully.

Switch on your understanding of self and others

Personality Profiles

Personality plays a huge role in leadership success. Our assessments will help you and your team to better leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses:

  • Insights Discovery offers an easy to use four colour model. Download a sample profile or the personal effectiveness factsheet
  • Hogan inventories identify drivers and derailers. Download our overview sheet.
  • Both of these work well to increase individual self-mastery and leadership of others
  • Hogan aids the selection of key leaders for culture and role fit

360 & 180 Feedback

Our approach is personal and collaborative. Use our facilitated 360 Feedback process to:

  • Understand how others see and experience you (reputation)
  • Identify key areas to improve your ability to collaborate
  • Increase your influence
  • Manage your blindspots (rather than being managed by them)

360 & 180 Feedback

Download 360 & 180 Feedback Infosheet

Find out more about our bespoke 360 & 180 feedback instruments for individuals and leadership teams.

"Kevin has helped me to further develop my self-awareness to improve my engagement with the teams I work with. His deep insight into leadership excellence and has helped me to deal effectively with my blind spots. Kevin has helped me to dig much deeper within myself than I have done with other coaches and through this process, we have uncovered some deep-seated issues which I’ve had to deal with in order to advance further.

For this, I’m truly grateful to Kevin as the work we have done together has benefited me as a person, as much as an employee. "

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Regional Director Southern Africa & French Speaking Africa, AstraZeneca

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