We provide leadership and business coaching to individuals and top teams

We give our clients a safe, robust space to review how they play their part

Highly effective leaders have these common traits: they know themselves, take time to think, build strong teams, have effective meetings and manage people in a way that switches others on.

Our coaching focusses on helping you be clear about what you want, honest about where you are and pragmatic about how to make the next-step gains.

We help our clients with practical ways to increase their influence and effectiveness

Understanding Self and Others

Understanding Self & Others

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

For SMEs


As the owner/manager of an SME, you are your primary instrument. Your thinking and behaviour are the biggest factor in your success (or failure). Our feedback tools will give you honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Our coaching support will help you be sharp and shiny.

Team & Staff

Your team, whatever its size, needs the right attitudes, environment and management to deliver their best. We know how to assess, address and accelerate team performance in ways that are motivating and effective. Your staff will be more engaged and productive.

"Kevin helps me think. We’ve worked together for a while and have got to know and trust each other which means I can be open and honest and that encourages great thinking. He asks very good questions that help me get to the heart of things. It never feels like he’s selling me a recipe out of a predetermined cook-book. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to listen and offer genuine insights. "

David Lawrie

David Lawrie

Vice President, West Africa - Tullow Oil plc

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